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5000 FED


Founded in 1998, this Modern Christian Rock Band is gaining more and more momentum.  Hailing from Grand Rapids, 5000 FED is finishing up its 6 song demo CD which should be available to the public the summer of 2001.

5000 FED consists of 6 band members.  Founded by Jeff Swanson who plays lead guitar along with Chris Koning (lead vocals), Jeff Moore (bass guitar), Kevin Powell (drums), Joel Shaffer (keyboard and background vocals), and Tom Stewart (acoustic guitar).

The mission of 5000 Fed is to glorify Christ by creating and performing Christian Alternative/Modern Rock Music that is relevant to our generation. Through their music, 5000 Fed's desire is to communicate God's saving love to unbelievers, challenge Christians to live a Godly lifestyle, and motivate them to serve Christ out of their comfort zones.  Most of 5000 Fed's members are involved with inner-city youth ministry.  This shows through in some of their songs as they reflect life experiences and call attention to the plight of at-risk youth in the inner city.  Other songs reflect vulnerability and the shortcomings of man's sin nature.  Still others exhort people within the church to live obediently under the Lordship of Chris, and to give praise to in worship.  5000 Fed has developed a distinct modern rock/alternative style that pushes the limits of cutting edge music, yet does not mirror any other artists sound.

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