Ignite the holy light and put your flame in my heart.

Let the fire of your judgment search the deepest darkest part.

Destroy the walls of wood and hay incinerate my soul.

And the straw I used to build with, take and rake it through the coals.

Then the only things that last:  the solid rock foundation,

The gold, the silver, precious stones, but none of my creation.

Only what Ive done for you stands gleaming and refined.

That day when all goes through the test, its quality judged by fire. (2x)



Why do I long for a day filled with pain?

When all is sifted through like sand.

I act so strong, all my deeds are done in vain.

I beg for mercy at your hands. (2x)



I strive to live and give a life of absolute perfection.

But on my own I cannot meet demands of your selection.

For through your only Son, Youve laid and paved the narrow path.

His perfect life He gave for all to quench your Holy wrath.

The wounds and scars reminders of the judgment we should face.

But not a drop will I receive if sovereigntys embraced,

Of the Triune God that sits above and knows my every intent.

These reasons are enough for me to walk the road unbent. (2x)




That very day, when every life is scorched and suffers loss

The char and ashes it will leave; Oh what a holocaust.

Pure, consuming fire will take exactment on all souls.

And those that lack the gracious gift will seek the smallest knolls.

But even those who have agreed to accept the costly tender,

Will shudder and show cowardice when the sacred judgments rendered.

For the rage thats held behind the cloud of grace is hidden well,

But woe to those who have not turned, His wrath will not dispel. (2x)



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