Earthly Dreams


A Kaleidoscope of possessions

Pervades our very lives.

Consumed by the false notion

That out children may be deprived.

Seduced by the culture

That put a price tag on who we are.

While the preacher takes a vow of silence,

Though he knows weve gone too far.


We chase and pursue such foolish earthly dreams,

Create an illusion of false prosperity.

Compelled to define success by what we own.

Do we fall short of godliness?

(2x last time)


We count the cost in spite of you,

A private Babel tower.

Fabricate a form of godlessness

That depends on human power.

Justify our act of kindness

Toward the outcast and the poor.

Have we gone too far out in the deep,

That weve lost sight of the shore.


1998 5000 FED.  All rights reserved

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